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This product (Hexagon Nut) is directly available from stock.

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Qty Ref Part # Description PU CP /Unit
P65-93404A2.jpg 65-93404A2 65-93404A2
Hexagon nut | M4 [CP=]
Hexagon nut | M4 1 1 OR OR each each
P65-93406A2.jpg 65-93406A2 65-93406A2
Hexagon nut | M6 [CP=]
Hexagon nut | M6 1 1 OR OR each each
P65-93408A2.jpg 65-93408A2 65-93408A2
Hexagon nut | M8 [CP=]
Hexagon nut | M8 1 1 OR OR each each
P65-93410A2.jpg 65-93410A2 65-93410A2
Hexagon nut | M10 [CP=]
Hexagon nut | M10 1 1 OR OR each each
P65-93412A2.jpg 65-93412A2 65-93412A2
Hexagon nut | M12 [CP=]
Hexagon nut | M12 1 1 OR OR each each
P65-93416A2.jpg 65-93416A2 65-93416A2
Hexagon nut | M16 [CP=]
Hexagon nut | M16 1 1 OR OR each each
Ref=Reference to picture | PU=Packing Unit | CP=Code Price | OR=On Request | NA=Not Available | New

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