Globally The Most Complete Line of Transportation Products

Just like we value each of our clients, we consider each part of the tank important - no matter how small.

For this reason, we offer the most complete line of transportation products in the world. In fact, our quality products have affirmed our position as the most advanced in the industry.

You can rest assured that we have globally sought out products that are not only of the highest quality, but also available at the most competitive prices.

Furthermore, our group of manufacturing companies are all ISO 9001 certified and takes pride in both developing new products and improving old ones.

We have also made sure that the best produced and developed products in the market are now within your reach by making use of superior quality in-house technical equipment, which includes the most advanced CNC production and testing machines known to the tanking industry.

In conclusion, we can manufacture or source virtually any product in this industry you require.

You can now, with great ease, trust Pelican Worldwide to improve your bottom line while you concentrate on the business at hand.

ISO9001 certificate