Pelican Worldwide

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Gaskets and sealing

Pelican Worldwide is specialized in, total in-house, gasket manufacturing, which includes the following products.

Cut Gaskets

Die-less Pneumatic Knife Cutting and High Speed CNC Controlled Die Cutting of materials to 1" thick and outside diameters of 39" (1 Meter). Materials include Elastomers, CNA (compressed non-asbestos), PTFE®, Flexible Graphite, Virgin and Filled PTFE, Vegetable Fibre, Mica and Cork.

Machined Gaskets

CNC Turning Centers, NC Milling Machines, processing materials to 24" (600mm) outside diameter. Materials Include Plastics, Thermoplastics and Filled PTFE Fluoropolymers.

Molded Rods & Tubes

25, 40, 50 and 100 Ton air over hydraulic presses for compression molding. Molding Capabilities to 24" (600mm) outside diameter. Materials Include Virgin and Filled PTFE Fluoropolymers.

Mixed Fluoropolymers

Pelican Worldwide utilizes a climate controlled mixing facility to design, reverse engineer and produce the highest quality PTFE polyblends available on the market today. The Quality Control department utilizes our own cutting edge laboratory facility to perform material analysis and to perform standard quality control testing per batch which includes tensile strength, tensile elongation, specific gravity, bulk density, hardness and thermogravimetric analysis.

Skived Sheets, Tapes and Films

Pelican Worldwide offers a state of the art conversion facility that has capabilities to skive and slit Virgin and Filled PTFE Fluoropolymers into sheets, tapes and films to the following specifications:

  • Thickness: .002" to .180"
  • Width: .125" to 60"
  • Length:.125" to continuous roll

ISO9001 certificate