Pelican Worldwide

Innovation in Valves & Sealing

Tank Parts

Designer and Manufacturer of Tank Parts

As a full service valve and gasket manufacturer we offer in-house solutions to all of your valve and sealing needs.

Our own innovative team ensures a continuous renewal and improvement in the gasket and tanking industry.

Pelican Worldwide offers the whole range of Tank Container and Tank Truck utilities such as:

Ball Valves, Blind Plugs, Bursting Discs, Butterfly Valves, Cable & Fasteners, Catwalk & Handrails, Cladding Material, Couplings, Data Plates, Decals, Dipsticks, Document Holders, Dust Caps, Dust Plugs, Elbows, Fittings, Flame Gauzes, Flanges, Foot Valves, Gaskets, Gauges, Hollow Sections, Hoses, Man-lids, Relief Valves, Tir Pins, etc etc.



ISO9001 certificate